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In the interview nearly all the essential questions of the meaning and purpose of human life are addressed, to which a person would like to get answers one way or

another. Established social and religious norms unexpectedly appear to us in a totally different light. The most shocking, prophecy, about Americas Next 8 Years. A history and astronomy research Twin myths and Twin symbolism Dolmens. 2017, prophecies, about President Trump Future of America! Precious metals, Bitcoin and e-money power shud be one of 2017/18 yrs predictions. We started considering the well forgotten theory described in the. A date of been set for the implementation of SegWit2X. View more When the nobleness of Dharma (meaning morality, decency, honesty) disappears in the world, Vishnu gets incarnated and propagates the universal and omnipotent value of saintly life, restoring Dharma. Thus, here we will speak of Mayan mysterious manuscripts called chilam balam and the 7 Angels (ages) mentioned therein. Litecoin Crosses 1B in Trading Volume - Litecoin. Hypotheses Lobsang Rampa about the advent of the Spiritual Leader of the world The Great Dragon Serpent symbolism Dolmens. Moreover, many archaeologists and scientists of other fields have a too one-sided, politically determined attitude to ancient artefacts.

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