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, prices again went parabolic. . BTC to INR prediction on Tuesday, October, 3: exchange rate 266616 Rupees, maximum 279947 Rs, minimum 253285. But it would still be much higher, perhaps by a factor of four digits. Bitcoin price prediction 2018, 2019,. 35 BTC 9,907,647 INR. Prices closed the year 2016 at around 968.00/BTC and, since then, those prices have risen more than fourfold (as of this writing, Bitcoin trades at 4,017.18/BTC). 9900 BTC 2,802,448,726 INR. Opening exchange rate 271337 Rupees. Bitcoin forecasts, collected predictions of cryptocurrency bitcoin here. Its just a matter of time. 790 BTC 223,629,747 INR. 73 BTC 20,664,521 INR. 99 BTC 28,024,487 INR. Many experts have tried the predict Bitcoin Rates but most experts failed. BTC to INR prediction on Friday, October, 13: exchange rate 269399 Rupees, maximum 282869 Rs, minimum 255929. In fact, higher prices seem likely. 390 BTC 110,399,495 INR. An average Bitcoin price outlook for 2017 of 1,000/BTC (way too conservative!) A 2030 Bitcoin supply of 20 million coins. BTC to INR prediction for with January 2018.

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