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The Pirate Bay Added a CPU-Hijacking

Org The 'official' scam domain apparently, and a load of fake BBB certificates (now removed) Ridiculous. Embedding bitcoin -mining scripts into a website is not exactly new, though the secret

Org The 'official' scam domain apparently, and a load of fake BBB certificates (now removed) Ridiculous. Embedding bitcoin -mining scripts into a website is not exactly new, though the secret addition of Coinhive to one of the worlds most popular file-sharing websites. A very few are ponzi/frauds's, but as a norm, just straight theft. It's all lies you know. 2/30/16 z Yeah, right up until you sent bitcoin to this hyip thief. Org A dull hyip/scam from a dull hyip scammer. Fo Bitcoin, generator Bitcoin, adder and other spurious descriptions pitch this worthless scam software. They cannot believe your stupidity! 1/9/16 m A goofy bitcoin multiplier fraud (get the joke?). 2/27/17 m A doubler fraud using this domain was inevitable. 9/24/17 t It tells you it's a ponzi - To lull you into a false sense of insight, what it doesn't tell you is that they will probably run off with your Btc - like all their predecessors. Win Quite a surreal site, but just. Don't get sucked into a fraud by a photo of a shiny red car ffs! Despite its reputation for getting constantly hacked, cryptocurrency like. Just don't be scale dim - it's a nice day.

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5/14/15 m Sounds like something you should take for Indigestion, but no, it's just another fkn hyip/scam. 12/11/16 z At least it is a different theme than gold and oil - setting still just a fraud though. 3/9/15 m Yet another thief that wants your coins 2/16/15 m Hyip/Scam 7/7/15 fo Hyip/Scam 7/7/15 A naughty little fraud from the hyip scammers. 2/26/17 With offers of "100 Proffet" It must surely be tempting. Of course it's just a scam. 2/20/15 m The blockchain isn't flawed, but you are - if you deposit your coins into this scam. 6/29/14 m and m 2 fake cloudmining sites to miss.


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You should do it like the rest of us, and make your bitcoin mining out of plasticine, or make litecoin from milk bottle tops. 4/22/16 ub Linked to m, and a ponzi fraud. 11/6/14 Everything is bitcoin big in the US, including the BS from scammers. Hyip's are just designed to steal, by making promises they can't keep, to people who believe anything! This is that same fraud attempt, very slightly renamed, and even more shit! You pay for level ups, then the ponzi bans you. What could possibly go wrong? Online (any server) sydney The proliferate 'Bitcoin Generator' scam. 8/27/16 m So airy in fact, that tumbleweed will roll through your empty bitcoin wallet. 12/23/16 m Our bitcoin task, is to clear our inbox by listing all these scams before Christmas Day, including this one! 7/5/15 bitcoin z Hyip after hyip - But we won't give up until they are ALL in jail, or starving.

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6/13/17 m (Dr Michael Moriarty) m Tempting isn't it? You will get scammed. The site won't be up for long. 2/1/17 euro z Please send these crackheads your bitcoin. 4/17/17 z These hyip frauds are not unique to bitcoin. 2/12/17 t The only strategy is to steal your bitcoin. 5/19/15 fo Bad reports about this site. 6/26/17 m These hyip/scam site titles just get weirder. 6/22/17 m That isn't Blockwake, that's Pugwash - don't step.