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Without a doubt, just like in the previous years, the direction the price of Bitcoin takes in 2016 will be determined by many factors. The Bitcoin protocol is designed in

such a way that the reward halves after every four years. The year 2015 could well be described as the year when mainstream media began reporting a lot of positivity in the technology, especially the blockchain (the public ledger on which bitcoin transactions are recorded). Long term investors should hold bitcoin at this time and increase your position on sharp pullbacks. Nejlep vybaven, vydlvat Slevy. 6, shares, the last few days have seen some remarkable price action for bitcoin. An example of the latter possibility is if Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor of Bitcoin, at some point through the year chooses to sell some or the whole cache of 1m BTC that are linked to the pseudonym. Many are bullish on the Bitcoin price on this account alone. The good news is that price made a classic double bottom and has now rebounded to 624 at this time. Bitcoin, price, index provides the latest and most accurate bitcoin price using an average from the world's leading exchanges. As an investor, I'm mainly concerned with which solution will give more value to my holdings, one user has posted on Reddit, I have to say I'm quite concerned that nobody knows what percentage of their assets the "experts" hold in Bitcoin. Bitcoin, price, index Blog inventor of, bitcoin, at some point through the year chooses to sell some or the whole cache of 1m BTC that are linked to the pseudonym. Even with the correction yesterday price is back up to 624 or a 73 gain in 7 months. What are the predictions for 2016? most of the second half of 2016, bitcoin breaches the 1000 mark for the first time in 3 years. Therefore, taking into consideration the block reward halving, positive coverage from mainstream media, interest of major companies in the blockchain and everything else, 2016 might turn out to be the golden year for Bitcoin. With time, there was less association of Bitcoin to crime like Silk Road and more acknowledgement of how the technology underlying it could change how things are done in many aspects of trade, public administration and finance.

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